Super Fashion Tips to Help You Stop Shopping for a While


In order to be fashionable, you need to shop or at least this is what most of us believed. However, if you ask us, we can assure you that you can be fashionable without overspending. You just need to know the right place and the right way to shop. If you think, you are unable to stop shopping, check out some effective tips that will help you stop shopping for a while at least.

How to Stop Shopping for Sometime

Track You Spending: Tracking your spending will allow you to have a good idea of where you overspent. Keep track of everything may it be clothes, bags, dining out, toiletries, groceries etc.

Delay: Timings matter a lot especially when it comes to impulse purchase. Many of us instantly buy a thing and later on realize that we really didn’t want it. A little delay can help us get back to our senses.

Differentiate between need and want: Sometimes when you buy a new handbag, it is more because of you want to and less because you need it. Identify whether the thing you are buying is what you want or need. If it is something that you want, you need to let go.

Don’t shop because you are depressed:  Studies have shown that people tend to shop a lot when they are feeling low. Shopping is no alternative for your stress. It might provide you a temporary release, but it leads to more tension in the long run. You end up with more debt than you can manage.

Opt for Affordable Alternatives: Love getting high-end products such as LV shoes or Birkins bags.  That is great, until unless you are not running out of money. If you are low on a budget, we suggest you opt for affordable alternatives. You can always get your hands on cheap Birkin bags, provided you know where to look. Try out pre-loved, or high-quality copies. Some local brands tend to sell the same style with their logo. Try those local brands. After all, the objective is to look fashionable not a designer billboard.

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You don’t need to be rich to get photos printed


I almost fell into the trap!

The other day when I visited a new neighbor’s place, I was zapped with the kind of interiors that she had done. I was all praise for her aesthetic sense and was rather generous with my compliments. I am like that only. If I think it deserves to be praised when I do it notwithstanding if the people around it take too kindly to it or not. However, the hostess was particularly gracious to tell us that once upon a time she had worked at an interior designing showroom and that is how she has learnt to design.

Minimalist but quite appealing:

There was inherent minimalism in the furniture but the overall look was that of elegance. It showed great taste. However, what caught my fancy the most were the pictures on the wall and on the fireplace that seemed to be souvenirs of travelling. They looked like amateur pictures that we all click randomly – quite natural ones but the way they were treated, they looked exuberated wow!

Some of the pictures were done on wood and some on PVC boards. Some were even done the pipes that were stuck together to great effect. I was not sure if I would get an answer if I even asked her. But what was wrong in trying?

So, she very graciously does reply!

Very few people would give away secrets like that but this gem of a lady did. She told me that she had ordered them to be made at a lovely site called This website has been my hot favorite ever since. My photographs are always sent attached to the order form and they come back on the material of my choice in the mail in only a week’s time. I must have ordered a dozen times already and guess what two of my orders are still under process.

I am recommending this great place to anyone who cares to ask me. You will too! And guess what they don’t cost you a bomb unlike people’s perception.…

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Help Kids Master basketball With the Right Ball


Mastering basketball can seem like a difficult feat if you are stuck in a rut with your training. Here, we look at some simple tips to help you improve you basketball skills in as little as just 5 minutes a day.  

The first thing is to master all the basics of the ball handling before trying to become a really great basketball player. If you don’t have a good grip of the basketball, you won’t be able to progress further. One of the most important skills is how you handle the ball. Practice dribbling in different motions, such as back and forth across the court, around in circles and even in figure eight motions. This will really help you become more able to control the ball.  

At times when you have a friend to practice with, pass the ball to each other to develop this skill. You should always aim for the other player’s hands, and put your weight into it to give the ball more spin and speed. It’s a good idea to practice both chest passes and bounce passes, with the latter usually being more difficult for a defender to intercept.  

You’ll, of course, want to practice your basketball shooting, too. Practice all different kinds of shot, and work out which one you are the best at. Then when you are playing a game, try and go for this type of shot most often. You should also practice jumping when you shoot as this gives you more height and the ball has more speed.  

You should ideally have a hoop which is at the right height, and of course a good ball. For younger children, consider a basketball for kids, as these are a bit smaller so are easier for small children to handle. If you practice just one move a day, you’re sure to become a better player soon.  

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