10 Super Tips for Choosing the Best First Puppy for Children


It feels really exciting to bring your first puppy home. There are some checks that you should always consider before making a decision.

#1 Visit the breeder to pick up your puppy as these puppies are healthy than those you pick up from random places.

#2 Have a look at all the puppies there and check for their behavior. Do not pick up any puppy that is too shy or too rough with other puppies.

#3 Check each one individually by holding them in your hands. Try to check if your kid can make a connection with any of them by cuddling them.

#4 Check for the physical health, check the coat’s shine. Do not pick up a skinny of a fat one. Check his eyes, ears, teeth, genital area and overall physique.

#5 Conduct a sound and vision test to make sure the puppy can hear and see things clearly. Make any noise like clapping and see how fast he notices it. Hover things over him to check his seeing abilities.

#6 Check for its breathing, it should be quiet without coughing and sneezing.

#7 Check the way it walks, run, and jump. Make sure it is an active one that is eager to see you and please as you come home.

#8 Make sure to check the type such as if it is a bully,  rebel, independent, eager, or relaxed pup. Choose as per your kid’s liking. Those who plan to own a dachshund can find a harness for dachshunds.

#9 Always make research on different dog breeds and pick up the one you like the most. Now, read out all the factors about this breed and then decide finally.

#10 Ask about the puppy’s health and take it to the vet a few times. Follow all the things recommended by the doctor.