Top Tips to Increase Luxury Clothes Donations in Charity Shops


Use the following tips to improve luxury clothes donations in charity shops:

Publicity online:  Give more publicity in online social networking sites.  It is cost-effective and the reach is wide.  Also, facilitate sharing of the post so that it reaches many.  More overreaching the right group is easy when online media is used.

Highlight the cause:  When seeking donations emphasize the cause for which the shop is run.  All the communication should focus on the genuine needs and importance of the cause.  Give useful data on the impact it will cause.  Speak more on the benefits it will create.  Once the donor is convinced about the cause, he will be more accommodative on the mode in which the donations will be more preferred by the shop.

Give small rewards: Give small gifts as a sign of your gratitude.  It can take the form of sleekwristbands, show-pieces, chocolates etc.

Fix a target:  Fix the target clearly.  Quantifying the target will motivate the donor.  It will be more useful for planning your activities.  For example, if you set a target of collecting clothes worth 10000 dollars, and when you have already collected 9000 dollars worth clothing, the last 1000 dollars will make you emphasize the importance to the donor.  The donor will be motivated more since he can easily understand that he is going to help reach the milestone shortly.

Explain resale ability and profit:  Explain that you prefer luxury clothing since it is resaleable easily to all age groups and you can get more funds since the margin will be more.  People prefer to buy such goods in charity shops since they feel happy to support the cause.  Any other item may not be as easily resaleable.

Use all the above tips to encourage luxury clothing donations and run your charity shop successfully.

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