Here’s What to Know When Buying a Table Saw


The most important tool that needs to be used in the process of making furniture is the table saw. Almost all of the work is centered around this particular tool. There is an extremely high risk if the product purchased does not meet the required standards and so the product manufactured with the table saw is proper and meets the requirement. Thus a wrong advice might lead to bad products and a main waste of money. There is a list across which the requirements need to be checked to satisfy the characteristics of a good table saw.

  • Voltage requirement: Most contractors use 110 Volt table saw that are more widely available in the market. And then they switch to other ones according to the requirement. It is important to set up the table saw properly otherwise it tends to get overworked and might become faulty.
  • The material used to make the saw is also another criterion. There are cabinet and contractor saws, each with their own metal requirement. The most prominent and stable material is iron. The other options are aluminum, granite, and steel. There are hybrid materials also that take part in the manufacturing of the table saw.
  • A fence is another important feature that needs to be checked before purchasing the saw. The saw needs to be precise and strong. The fence should be adjustable and once the fence is set it should not bend and not have any shaking or going loose while using it.
  • Properly the blade adjustment has to be done from 0 to 45 degrees and this could help with smoothening of the surface.
  • Dust collection is another necessity, to collect the dust produced from the tables while sawing so that it does not make it difficult for the person using it.