How to Determine Your Skin Type before Shopping Online


Understanding your skin type and taking good care is the only dream for most of the woman folk, but sigh, most of us do not care about them, unless there is a skin eruption or there are acne marks. The first step in skin care is to understand how sensitive is your skin, as the largest organ in the body, and how it adopts to the exposure to harsh chemicals, weather, and water, the skin has an intelligent mechanism to through up any issues that are internally hurting your body. Often we think that what we eat is reflected in the skin, like using a carrying case for essential oils, however, if any part of the body is effected internally it shows up in the facial skin as ruptures or dark circle or acne.

Testing your skin before ordering any skin creams or products should be done only after understanding which of the three types of skin you have, oily, normal/ combination skin or Dry. Easy ways to test it at home

  • Bare Face method-will let all the pores to be unclogged without any make up, just wash the face and pat dry, after 30 minutes check for any shine in the nose , cheeks , chin and forehead, if they are shiny your skin is oily, if you smile looking for the sign if you feel the skin tight then your skin is dry and if you have shone in nose and forehead you have a normal or combination skin
  • Blotting sheet method is another way to understand your skin type, using a blotting paper on different areas of your face, if you hold the paper after blotting and they look oily your skin is, if there is no oil then your skin is a dry and oily sheet on the forehead makes your skin normal.

As the skin type changes from time to time, always test your skin type with simple ways before ordering any costly makeup or skin products.