How To Throw A Dinner Party On A Budget – A Complete Guide


We all would have at some point or the other eaten out and even attended a friend’s party. Be it birthday parties, engagement bash, bachelors’ parties, weddings, christenings, etc. we have all been a part of these events. However, until this, while you must have been on the receiving end where you were treated as the guest, enjoyed the party, and went back home thanking the host for such a lovely party. Sometimes you must have also been the victim of a bad party where so many things were an absolute disaster.

However, the time has come now where you are at the giving end and it is now your turn to throw a great party. Irrespective of the fact whether you have any previous experiences or if this is your very first party organizing experience, one thing that you need to understand is that organizing a great party involves time, effort, and most importantly a lot of money. While time and effort depending on your efficiency, money management is a skill that you must master to ensure that you do not overspend but at the same time throw a great party. Find out more here on how you can achieve this.

  • First, plan every minute little detail including preparing the dinner list, food menu, drinks menu, who will organize what, parking arrangements, etc. The key is not to miss any detail.
  • Always plan ahead of time. Do not keep anything for the last minute. This will also help you get some great discounts with the vendors.
  • Always keep the menu simple. Tempting it might be to include exotic dishes, keeping it simple will be light on your wallet and will not go wrong with the taste.
  • Keep the cutlery simple but pay attention to every serving portion, serving dishes, and the dinner table.
  • Plan some engaging activities with the help of the guests instead of hiring an event management team to cut down on the costs. There will be definitely someone who can sing, dance, mime, joke, etc. within your guest list.
  • Make sure to thank everyone and plan the entry and exit of the guests, food, service personnel, etc. so that every system works out efficiently.