The Ultimate Men’s Skincare Essentials


Skincare is gaining importance as people become more aware of skin related problems and skin care products available in the market. Marketing and other forms of advertising have increased the usage of such products, not just amongst the women but among the men too. Today, men have a separate skin care line catering to their needs and different skin tones.

There are many brands such as Saranghae brand, etc that have an exclusive skin care line for men. Wondering what all comes under a man’s list of skincare? Here is a brief list:


  1. Face Wash – Gone are the days where only a woman’s skin was considered to be soft and sensitive to various chemicals and elements in the environment. Today, both people and companies have come to realize both men and women are exposed to similar types of pollutants in the environment and both require extra care. The face washes designed for men take into account the skin on men is tougher and rougher than that of a woman. The facial hair tends to make the skin that way.
  2. Shaving Cream – There are a number of brands coming up with different formulas of shaving cream for men. There are varieties just like in any skincare range for the women. This is one part of the skin that needs extra care as cuts and bruises are common and a little extra care can ensure their facial skin is healthy and well cared for at all times.
  3. Sunscreen – Though a man’s skin is tougher than that of a woman, the sun does not spare it. The Effect of the sun’s rays are the same on both and both are susceptible to skin damages and health issues caused due to overexposure to the sun. For this reason, there are many sunscreen lotions specially designed for the male skin.