Why More Men Are Buying Beauty Products Than Ever Before


Beauty and cosmetics are no more limited to the fairer sex; the tough human male has finally decided to embrace the world of beauty products and transform himself into the chick metrosexual man of the 21st century. While the beauty industry is more than happy with this changing trend, sociologists are trying to find reasons for this transformation. Here are a few possible reasons:

  1. Finally, the pressures of looking good to have caught up with men with more and more of their gender becoming unhappy with their bodies and their looks. In their attempts to improve their looks they have started turning to beauty products for help.
  2. With on-screen heroes advertising personal care and grooming products, men are realizing that there is no shame in using makeup and acne wash, moisturizer and pore strips.
  3. Men have also realized with a little bit of makeup they can work on their beards, eyes, and hair and make them appear more masculine. The pressure is on them to look perfect and have flawless skin, well-groomed eyebrows and look muscular and lean like the models in magazines and books.
  4. Moreover, nowadays there are more products catering to men’s personal hygiene and beauty care that men do not hesitate reaching out for them in the supermarket aisles.
  5. The younger generation male also believes in making a good impression at work and with colleagues and friends and hence does not leave any stone unturned in reaching that goal.
  6. With an overall focus on health gaining popularity men have realized that a good body must be accompanied by an equally good-looking face to make a lasting impression. They have realized that when they take the time to look good it boosts their self-confidence and self-esteem.

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